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Refurbisehd Parts Import

Refurbisehd Parts Import

Special Import Licenses for refurbished parts

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Customs engineering projects focused on obtaining Import licenses for refurbished parts done by the manufacturer or authorized companies, according to the DECEX 08/91 and SECEX 23/11, which estabilishes the rules and necessary and indispensable prerequisites for the import of reconditioned used parts, with or without similar produced in Brazil.

The Import of reconditioned parts projects encompass the following activities:

  • Analysis of project feasibility;
  • Analysis of legal strategies applicable to importation of the parts;
  • Merceológica analysis of parts;
  • Inspection, survey and evaluation of parts and remanufacturing processes;
  • Technical report issuance of survey and evaluation for the election;
  • Obtaining certificates of absence of national production;
  • Obtaining certificates of absence of national production;
  • Obtaining import licences applicable to each scenario;
  • Definition of procedures to be followed by project teams;
  • Audit of customs procedures, prior to shipment;
  • Preparation of drafts of customs documents;
  • Preparation of the project Dossier to the customs clearance;
  • Monitoring of customs clearance process as an expert of the part.