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Temporary Export Procedures

Temporary Export Procedures

Export of deffective goods for repair or exchange in warranty

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Special export procedures of defective goods that may be temporary or definitive, but should always be instructed with technical reports certifying the technical characteristics, physical, functional and, mainly, the defects that they are showing before being exported, so that the IDs in the output and return to the country are carried out without difficulty by the Customs authorities.

These special arrangements apply to new and used goods as follows:

Export for exchange under warranty

Goods that are defective or unfit for the purpose they were intended may be exported permanently to be replacement by another identical or equivalent, depending on the provisions of Portaria 150 of the SRF.

Export for repairs

Goods with defects or operational problems can be exported to undergo repairs, with taxation exclusive of parts replaced, on the occasion of the return. If the repair cannot be performed, the temporary export procedure may be converted to a definitive export.