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EX. Tariff

EX. Tariff

Import Tax Reduction Plea

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Customs developed engineering projects for the identification of the eligibility of parts, machines and combinations of machines to fit the Ex. tariff currently in force on TEC or to be granted a new one, according to Portaria ME Nº 309, regulating the granting of import tax reduction on exceptional and temporary character of up to 2 years, for goods that meet the following requirements:

  • To be classified as BIT or BK on TEC;
  • Not be produced in Brazil;

Ex. Tariff projects encompass the following activities:

  • Eligibility analysis of the goods to fit Ex.Tariffs currently in force on TEC;
  • Eligibility analysis of the goods to plea for new Ex.Tariffs;
  • Merceologic analisys for the purposes of tariff classification;
  • Assembly of a text that technically describes the good for the plea;
  • Elaboration of Technical Report for public consultation to national manufacturers;
  • Monitoring analysis of absence of national production;
  • Monitoring of the compliance of the SRF on the framework and classification;
  • Monitoring of the compliance of the SDP as for the merits of the claim;
  • Monitoring of the analyses to the approval and publication of e.g. DOU;
  • Logistics procedures audit, prior to shipment;
  • Preparation of drafts of documents of export and import;
  • Preparation of the Dossier for customs clearance instruction;
  • Acompanhamento do despacho aduaneiro como perito da parte.